The purity, safety, strength, effect and enjoyment of Bliss Formula® products is the single most important purpose for our brand. We create our products so you feel every single dosage of Bliss Formula products and enjoy them knowing you are receiving the highest purity source of ingredients available today. This is what sets Bliss Formula® apart in an overcrowded and overwhelming market amongst our other innovations in the CBD world. 

Below are the Lab Tests completed on our CBD Broad Spectrum raw plant extract, Delta 8 raw plant extract and the cannabinoid isolates we include in our range of products to produce different biological effects.

The source of our Hemp plants which create the CBD is Oregon, United States, organically grown without pesticides, herbicides or other contaminants.

Please review our 3rd Party Lab Tests below to gain intel on what you are consuming. Our mission is to always provide the highest quality product that only benefits human physiology into advancement by balancing the Nervous System and activating the brain so you can perform better each day.