Margaret Profke
it works

I love using this cream after a long day at work because I am always on my feet. The cream helps to soothe my achiness, and it helps me feel more relaxed and comfortable. The deliver was fast and the customer service team were lovely.

Robert Hendley

I'm quite a harsh critic when it comes to thing's like these but I've just started having this when my back and shoulder start hurting. Also it really does help you have a good night's sleep so i highly recommend this product!

Jake Holland
Calm All Day

"I ordered the Bliss Formula - Ritual after finding this brand online. There are not may high quality brands in CBD so I gave these guys a go. From the first dose I knew this was a quality CBD product, I had a warm calming wave wash over me in about 30 minutes, by 45 minutes my entire body was relaxed and my thoughts were clear and positive. This effected lasted all day up until my bed time. I'm very happy I've found the Bliss Formula crew, I will now be using this product every day and i'm excited to see what the long term effects of taking this CBD are. Great work team!"

Rikki Chaplin
love the gummies!

Update: I got my order today, I took a gummy this afternoon around 3.15 and it's just worked a treat! For years I looked for a sleeping solution that was sustainable. i’ve been using the oil for a bit over six months and a friend of mine suggested I try the gummies. For afternoon wind-down, these are absolutely fantastic! The oil is a great stand-by, but I think I’ve found my solution for many issues.

These are an absolute game changer! I’ve been able to cut back my alcohol use and my medical results are starting to show the benefits. Thank you so much!

sam hurd
legit stuff!

"Finallyyyy got my order. Seems it was the post that was the reason for the delay. The gummies seem to be the way to go for me. Me and a few mates started over the long weekend and they hit real good 🙂 especially the VIBR8 ones. The All Day Chill was more on the ""make me tired"" side. Found something that works for me."

Simon Zaydenberg
love the gummies!

"I can't sing enough praises for Sunset Gummies! These little treats are a game-changer. First off, let's talk effectiveness: they're fast-acting and long-lasting. Within minutes, I felt a wave of calm wash over me, and it lasted throughout the day. The 450mg broad spectrum CBD is just the right potency for me - not too weak, not too strong. The taste? Exceptional! Sometimes CBD products can have that ""earthy"" taste, but not these gummies. They're like a burst of sunshine in your mouth, with a subtle hint of fruitiness that's downright delightful.Overall, I'm beyond impressed with Sunset Gummies. Whether you're managing stress, easing discomfort, or just looking for a little relaxation, I highly recommend giving these a try. You won't be disappointed!"

Luke Curtis
My new go to!

Vibr8 is my new favourite way too wind down after a big week... highly highly highly recommended giving these a try!!!

was referred

I've been using this for a few weeks now and it's been a game-changer for my workout recovery. Highly recommend giving it a try. I found out about this company through a friend in the US. Keep up the great work guys and going to try out some of your other products next.

Lincoln Campbell
Finally something good

"I got mine yesterday Highly recommended, I wasn't stoned personally but, it was a ride, I took 1/2 a gummy and absolutely only need 1/4. So 15 gummies divided by 4 is almost a months supply. You can personally contact me I'm not a paid customer commenting. Again. Feel confident in purchasing a pkt."

Hayley Tranter
sunset is my jam

These are awesome!! 😎

my new go to for cbd

Hi, I just wanted to reach out after trying the sunset gummies, they are a complete game changer and have reduced my pain and have me sleeping better than I ever have.

Max Alexandrow
They are great

They are amazing!

Stacey M
Muscle Bliss

The cream has a pleasant scent and a smooth, non-greasy texture that absorbed quickly into my skin. Within minutes of applying it to my sore muscles, I felt a noticeable cooling sensation that helped to soothe the pain. After using it for a few days, I also noticed that the soreness and stiffness in my muscles seemed to be lessening. Looking good so far!

Best Night's Sleep Ever!

"Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the Bliss Formula - Remedy and took it that night. I had it about 30 minutes before going to bed. Half-way through typing an email it kicked in. My entire body felt relaxed, similar to the feeling I get when I take X@nax, but a more natural relaxation feeling. As soon as my head hit the pillow I feel into a deep sleep,. I was completely fresh and my body had no pain when I got up. This product is amazing !!!I will be definitely be a regular for your Remedy product from now on."

Nathan Baker
strong stuff

Bloody good mate. I ate 5 and passed out. 10/10 would recommend.

Works wonders

I got this product to alleviate my restless legs of a night, it has helped me have a good night sleep while also reducing my anxiety which is an added bonus. Total convert!

Feeling bliss!

Swapped from a different product to Bliss and can definitely feel the difference and quality of the product. Even taking a little less due to the high quality! Highly recommend.

Faye Birkbeck
Good stuff - Highly recommend

Total says it All. So glad to have found this product. Great quality of product and packaging beautiful.

Ben - UNIQ
will buy more

I bought this product for a couple of clients to assist with COPD and recovery from neck injury and has worked a treat using a smaller dose then recommended

Highly recommended!!!

"AMAZING product!! Anxiety levels reduced heaps and I can now sleep like a baby!!It also helps a lot with my recovery after a knee reconstruction"

Fernando Cordero LÃpez
Amazing product

The best cbd product in the market. It helped me a lot to lower my anxiety! I have tried other products in the market and they don't work any close like this one.

Stefan Schneider

Amazing stuff! New customer here.

Amy McFurson
Muscle Bliss

This product is absolutely amazing. I recently tried out Muscle Bliss and I was really super happy with the results. As someone who exercises frequently and often experiences muscle soreness, I was looking for a cream that could help alleviate my aches and pains. This sports cream did just that. Glad it was on special too :)

Kyle Becker
I totally recommend.

"Everyone's motive with Bliss products will vary. Maybe you wanna chill down after a crappy day at work. Maybe u wanna sleep better. Maybe you wanna feel happy.. For any of those, u could take half a gummy and most likely feel relief. For me, i use it more for stress. Dr's are reluctant to give out meds like benzo's, so this is the next best thing I've found. I can be losing my mind literally, from stress, and I know if I have these at hand, it can help me. I start with a quarter gummy, wait about 30 mins and if that doesn't help I have another quarter and that will do the trick. At least for me. Everyone's ""dosage"" will be diff based upon your metabolism, body weight etc. I'd legit like to thank the company for getting these out to people like me. Stress can be crippling. And these gummies bring me the relief I need to get thru another day. Keep up the awesome work Bliss And thank you. :)"

Mae Heard
Delta 8

This flavour is so yummy. The effect takes a little longer to feel, but it's a lovely subtle effect. Can definitely recommend it!

Michael R
works for me

As an athlete, I've tried a lot of different sports creams over the years. But this is the one that does the job for me. It's effective, fast-acting, and it helps me get back to training sooner. It also smells nice as some of the others I have used from other companies don't smell good at all.

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