CBD Ultimate Lifestyle pack
CBD Ultimate Lifestyle pack

    Ultimate Lifestyle Pack

    $360.00 $408.00


      • 1 x Bliss Formula - Focus 30ml 750mg CBD Isolate
      • 1 x Bliss Formula - Ritual 30ml 1500mg CBD Isolate

      • 1 x Bliss Formula - Remedy 30ml 2500mg CBD Isolate
      • 1 x Bliss Formula - Muscle Bliss 1500mg Full-Spectrum CBD (Topical Sports Recovery Cream)


      • Reduces pain and inflammation
      • Increases recovery from weights training / sports / fitness competition
      • Decreased recovery time post-surgery or injury
      • Improvement of insomnia and other sleep problems 
      • Recovery from hang-overs and nights out
      • Relief of Chronic anxiety 
      • Immune system booster
      • Powerful release of Anandamide the 'bliss' molecule, in the brain
      • Decreased recovery time post-surgery or injury


            Enjoy the Bliss Formula - Ultimate Lifestyle Pack for:

            • Experiencing the full range of Bliss Formula 30ml Tinctures including Focus, Ritual & Remedy along with one of the most powerful Sports Recovery Creams on the CBD market, bringing together this 360 Lifestyle Enhancement Package
            • Focus® - before any mental task such as business or planning to have complete mental clarity to product your clearest work possible to obtain the best outcome of your intellectual work
            • Ritual® - for full emotional clarity and unlocking energy from within the body instead of relying on outer stimulants to meet your energy needs
            • Remedy® - Before bed-time for an amazing sleep and ultimate productivity the following day
            • Ritual and Remedy - In replacement/addition to pain medication
            • Muscle Bliss® - Relieve any aching & painful muscles or joints so you can enjoy unbound body movement throughout your entire day and enjoy the natural high that comes from being pain free - every time you choose to use Muscle Bliss®


                  Each bottle of Bliss Formula - Remedy contains 2500mg of high-grade CBD isolate extract. Each bottle is 30ml in total, giving 83.3mg of CBD isolate extract per 1ml.
                  Using the measured glass pipet place 1-2ml directly into the mouth and swallow. Take as needed in the relief of pain and inflammation, and 30 minutes before bedtime to promote better sleep. The solution is enjoyable standalone however you can place in water or juice at your preference.

                  INGREDIENTS: 2500mg CBD Isolate (Supercritical CO2 Extracted), MCT oil, All-natural flavour

                  PRODUCT FACTS

                  • Organically Grown Hemp (Utah origin)
                  • Manufactured in USA
                  • Non-GMO, Sources from Organically grown hemp plants
                  • 3 + months CBD tincture supply (at 1ml/daily)
                  • 1 + months CBD Sports Cream supply at 3.3g/daily
                  • Approx. 83.33mg CBD extract per 1mL serving.
                  • HPLC Tested
                  • Only natural flavouring, no sugar or sweeteners added
                  • Compounded in MCT Oil

                  All Bliss Formula products are 3rd Party Lab tested to ensure you are receiving the highest potency product, free from chemicals and toxins while being superior in purity. We deliver the CBD via our CO2 natural extraction process - which we believe is the closest natural way to how nature intended CBD to be shared with humanity and the animal kingdom. 

                  VIEW FULL LAB REPORT HERE

                  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Bliss Formula products are for elevation of lifestyle, daily performance and increased wellbeing purposes.


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