What's the Best Way to Take CBD?

by Michelle Thibault on August 13, 2022

CBD flower


CBD (cannabidiol) is one of approximately 150 natural chemical compounds (cannabinoids) found in the cannabis variety called hemp. In this plant species, it is also the cannabinoid with the highest concentration comprising about 15-20% of the hemp plant matter.

For a long time, three main product types dominated the CBD market: CBD oils, capsules, and hemp flower. They were the regular go-to for many people who wanted to invest in hemp and its beneficial plant compounds for their health and wellness.

CBD's popularity has hit the roof this last few years. And many CBD companies have taken advantage of the positive attention that CBD is getting, which created a plethora of delivery methods readily available for you to purchase.

The issue here is deciding on a delivery method and identifying which one best meets your requirements. In Bliss CBD Formula’s comprehensive guide to every CBD delivery method in the current market, we will answer all of your questions.



Each person's experience with CBD is unique. Do you require relaxation or sleep assistance? Consider a few hits on your CBD vape. Do you need some physiological balance? Consider trying a CBD edible. Have some skin issues or muscle pains? A CBD topical is extremely beneficial. If you are suffering from pain and inflammation, or if you need a nice bit of stimulation, you can use CBD oil in varying potencies and dosages that will match your needs.

However, knowing which one to buy before using these products is beneficial.




CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Oils

CBD oils are most effective for anxiety, pain, inflammation, and sleep issues. Simple and convenient to use, and ideal for beginners. These Tinctures of Wonder are small enough to fit in your pocket, and come in various flavors, strengths, and additional ingredients.

By far the most common and possibly the best way to take CBD oil is to put it under your tongue. Sublingual consumption is when you hold the oil under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing it. Sublingual consumption enables CBD to enter your bloodstream directly, eliminating the need for your body to metabolize it through multiple systems before experiencing its effects.

Some of the Benefits of CBD Tinctures are:

Simple to Use - Place some under your tongue for 60 seconds, or mix it into your favorite beverage or food! The small bottle is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, briefcase, or backpack.

Fast-Acting - CBD Oils provide immediate, quick relief against pain or discomfort. There is only a 15 to 20-minute onset time after dosing before the effects are felt throughout the body.

Most Efficient Method of Ingestion - CBD administered sublingually is the most direct and efficient method of CBD consumption, with a very high absorption rate of cannabidiol. Because tinctures are not consumed like food, they do not undergo metabolism. As a result, tinctures have a more consistent absorption level than edible CBD products like gummies.

Best way to get large doses-Tinctures are the best way to take CBD if you're giving large doses to people with a high tolerance or those taking it for specific, and often serious, health problems.



 CBD Vapes


CBD Vapes

CBD vaping is ideal for providing immediate relief from mild symptoms of anxiety, pain, inflammation, and other psycho-social issues. Vapes come in a variety of delicious flavors, they work fast, and are relatively long-lasting.

Over the years, there has been a steady increase in warnings about the potential harm of smoking. In response, more profitable alternatives were explored, from which e-cigarettes and CBD vapes were born. This is a practice that utilizes technology to help remove the nasty flavor of cigarette smoking and negate exposure to toxic substances.

CBD vapes have emerged as a wellness product whose potential health benefits have been appreciated particularly in the social scene, where you can hang out with friends and colleague with easy confidence minus the health risk of cigarette smoke.

Although it doesn't contain any actual oil, CBD vape products are frequently referred to as "CBD vape oil." It's safe to inhale if it ONLY contains PG, VG, CBD extract, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Look for the terms "vaping," "vape juice," "e-liquid," or "e-juice" on the label (but make sure that there is no oil, or mineral oil present.) However, unlike THC, cannabidiol does not get people high.

To read more on the various benefits of CBD vaping, click here.



CBD Gummies


CBD Edibles

CBD edibles, particularly CBD gummies, are extremely popular. They are mostly sweet-flavored and easy to eat. Edibles are an excellent substitute for flavorless CBD capsules or strong-tasting natural CBD oils. Beginners frequently consume edibles before attempting more potent products (high-strength tinctures).

Edibles come in a wide range of potencies and strengths. The downside of most CBD edibles is their high sugar content, which makes them not the healthiest option. But more health-conscious brands are coming up with sugar-free gummies which makes this anxiety buster a double treat without the extra calories! CBD edibles are ideal for people who require a dose on the go. Consider stress or anxiety in the workplace, driving, or socializing outside (picnic to beach).



CBD cream


CBD Topicals

Topical CBD cream are becoming more and more popular in the industry. Many people prefer to use the plant by applying it to sores and skin problems. More and more consumers are gravitating toward external ways of taking CBD and using it on an as-needed basis. Some consumers are finding great benefits in using topical medications while taking CBD internally to combat common inflammation and treat conditions locally and systemically.

Topical administration of CBD is not a new phenomenon. The use of topical CBD preparations dates back to ancient China. Archaeological evidence also indicates that Egyptians used CBD topically. External use allows CBD to act directly on the body from the site to soothe and protect the skin while penetrating deep enough to provide relief to sore muscles and aching connective tissues.



Final Note

We hope that you now have a foundation for exploring different methods of CBD administration. Please note that it may take some trial and error to determine which type of CBD product is best for your situation. Follow standard guidelines to ensure you get high quality CBD. Always request for a laboratory report (certificate of analysis) from the company or product manufacturer. If you are new to using or consuming CBD, start with a small amount and increase gradually. Enjoy your CBD journey!

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