What is a CBD Flower: Everything You Need to Know

by Ryan McTeigue on December 07, 2021


You may have heard the recent buzz surrounding CBD flower. In a way, it is the ‘new CBD oil which took the health and fitness community 5 years ago. Across the globe, considering our current lifestyle, there’s an enormous demand for legal hemp.  Needless to say, enjoying this non-psychoactive form of cannabis is the perfect solution to keeping your flow and productivity without giving in to the customary everyday stress.





What is a CBD Flower?

CBD flower, also known as hemp flower, is derived from Cannabis sativa. You can say it’s a cousin of marijuana, but without the intoxicating effects. And although CBD flower looks, smells, and feels like your popular THC-rich cannabis strains, CBD flower is one of the cleanest and most effective ways to experience the relaxing properties of CBD not including the mental drawbacks of THC. In other words, you can have that chill and delicious sensation without feeling deflated or irritable after.

This is because a CBD Flower is bred to be high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and low in THC. Just to be clear, hemp plants and marijuana plants belong to the same species. Both substances are Cannabis sativa -- the only difference is the dominant cannabinoid. Hemp is dominant in CBD and contains 0.3 percent or less THC.


How do you use a CBD Flower?

CBD flower can either be smoked or vaped. Rest assured, vaping CBD flower or enjoying a pre-roll means you are getting the many benefits of this cannabinoid and minus having to worry about additives or impurities.

If edibles are your thing, you can use hemp nugs (short for nuggets) to make your own CBD treats. It really depends on your available time; at the comfort of your home kitchen, be as creative as you can get to enjoy CBD flower in your food and beverage recipes. 

These delightful buds are, after all, the original source of all CBD products on the planet. 

Remember: Hemp or CBD flowers are dried and cured buds of the mature Cannabis sativa plant containing less than 0.3% THC.



What are the effects of a CBD Flower?

While a CBD flower doesn’t give you the “high or buzz”, its effects are highly soothing and relaxing. This is due to CBD’s strong affinity with 5-HT1A and TRPV1 receptors. 

Phytocannabinoids (plant-made cannabinoids) like CBD interact with our endocannabinoid system that regulate specific receptors. The 5-HT1A receptor is part of the serotonergic system, which controls mood and affects the state of well-being. The TRPV1 receptor, on the other hand, regulates mainly pain and inflammation. 





Different CBD Flowers and Potencies

Some CBD flower strains are cultured to offer as much as 25% CBD content. The average strain available in today’s market, however, is around 10-20%. What strain to buy will really depend on your personal choice or what purpose you want it to serve.  

Some top-shelf CBD strains contain upwards of 25% CBD, which can definitely rival some of the highest grade THC-rich marijuana in terms of their pain-killing properties. If you are looking for a mellow, laid back experience, lower potencies can do the job beautifully. 

You can always start low and gauge your body’s response until you get to your sweet spot. Remember, by picking the CBD flower best suitable to your needs, you can enjoy everything the legal hemp renaissance has to offer.





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