The Chill Mantra: Work Hard, Play Harder

by Michelle Thibault on July 05, 2022

What is the secret to a perfect balance between a thriving profession and a successful social life? Can you truly spend quality time with yourself, friends, and loved ones, despite a hectic work schedule? Is it really possible to be dedicated to your chosen career and enjoy the perks of being relevant in the social scene?

Working hard and playing harder doesn’t always mean partying till dawn, only to arrive in the office wearing those cool sunglasses with your 4th cup of coffee. This mantra helps attain a balanced and tension-free life by having a smooth transition between your work-life and leisure time.

This concept eases the tensions and stress from the high demands of your career by staying equally committed to relaxation and recreation. Being successful in the career front is not just enough for a joy-filled life. Why do you earn? To live your life in your own way!

So don’t be held back to saving money and leading a monotonous life. Try hanging out with friends, dine out, party, and roam around the city to enjoy the later hours after a hard day’s work. You deserve it. As a social animal, human being needs to socialize. This will not only reduce stress from the daily grind but also help you experience life more fully by connecting with like-minded people to share your ideas with.

Dance on loud music with a sip of beer or grab the mic on karaoke night and let loose. Finding it difficult to wind down? CBD oil tinctures help promote relaxation, de-stressing, and unwinding while still keeping your focus and mental acuity. If you want to play it up a bit, you can take CBD gummies or use flavored CBD vapes while chilling out with friends.

This is nothing new. The potential use of cannabidiol (CBD) as a nutraceutical to support improved health and well-being has gained attention for quite some time. Currently, there are several studies that demonstrate the potential benefits of CBD for anxiety.

Bliss Formula Ritual® is a premium CBD tincture that effectively reduces angst and promote calmness with a single dose. CBD is popular to have anxiolytic effects on humans and small animals, in particular. One study investigated the effects of CBD supplementation on horses, and found that the treatment group had lower equine reactivity and heart rate, both of which are reliable indicators of stress and anxiety.


More Research On CBD

CBD was also shown in preclinical studies to have numerous cardiovascular benefits, including a lower blood pressure (BP) response to stress. In a double-blind, randomized study, cardiovascular parameters were measured after subjects took CBD and revealed lower blood pressure  when subjected to physical and mental stress.

CBD-induced anxiolytic properties appear to be mediated by indirect modulating effects on CB1 receptors, GABA(A) subunits α2 and γ2 in the brain’s limbic area, and serotonin levels. However, further studies are necessary to understand the specific role of each target and brain region on CBD’s benefits for anxiety relief.

Leave the tension behind when you get out of your work space and live in the bliss of the moment. Majority of people party to change their mood and shake off the pressures which accumulate during office hours. It is magical how one can instantly get energized to meet friends and party all night after a long, hectic day. As long as you don’t push your body too far to the point of exhaustion, enjoying social events and laid-back soirees can even work wonders for your creativity!


The concept of work hard and party harder is the subtle art of work-life balance where you can have the best of both worlds- a successful career and a satisfying personal life in a state of perfect equilibrium.

You can take CBD in the form of tinctures such as Bliss Formula Ritual®, eat CBD gummies, or vape it in different flavors- either way works for unwinding, calming those racing thoughts and working up deeply seated tensions in your body, so you can hang out with colleagues and friends... for hours! Then you can finally call it a day and retire to a deep sleep to re-charge your batteries.

Work Hard. Party Harder. Sleep. Repeat.


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