The Amazing Benefits of Broad-Spectrum CBD Gummies

by Michelle Thibault on July 28, 2023

Cannabidiol (CBD) so far has been one of the most popular supplements on the market. While CBD is a cannabinoid produced by the cannabis plant and does not produce a psychotropic "high" like THC, there is no doubt that CBD can improve general well-being and health.

But other than smoking a joint, puffing on a vape pen, or taking a capsule, how do you consume CBD? CBD gummies are an excellent option if you want to avoid inhaling.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of CBD gummies to give you a rundown on why these tasty treats are so great. 


CBD gummies offer long-term relief.

CBD edibles, such as gummies, have several advantages over smoking cannabis or using a CBD vape pen. While CBD edibles take longer to take effect (between 30 minutes and two hours), the result is relief that lasts longer than inhalation.

CBD gummies combine the active compound with other food ingredients. This means that CBD is released gradually over time as food is digested. As a result, the CBD experience is prolonged.

CBD edibles, in fact, can last two to six hours longer than inhaled CBD. Depending on the amount you consumed and your body's metabolism, the beneficial effects can be even longer.

CBD gummies are not psychoactive.

CBD is a cannabis compound, but it does not produce a psychotropic "high," as many people believe. Instead, the cannabinoid provides users with a mellow mood boost as well as a sense of positive and alert energy.
All Day Chill® CBD gummies, due to their long-lasting nature, can provide prolonged relief from minor pains and daily stresses. These would be an excellent choice for anyone looking to reap the benefits of cannabis without experiencing an overpowering psychoactive high.



Zero-risk of lung irritation.

While smoking CBD buds through a rolled joint has been the traditional route, long-term implications of inhaling smoke are still yet to be determined. If you have heightened sensitivity to environmental factors or asthma, smoking may be a risky option.
Vaping is thought to be safer than smoking, but you must sort through the plethora of vape pens and pods that may contain harmful additives. According to research, thinning agents such as mineral oil and vitamin E may produce toxic carcinogens when heated above 224 degrees Celsius (436 F).
While it is possible to purchase vapor pens that do not contain toxic ingredients,
All Day Chill® CBD gummies are an excellent way to avoid inhalation and may save the lungs from irritation.


They are available for purchase online.

Another significant advantage of CBD gummies? They are available to order online.
While CBD regulations are a little ambiguous, many providers sell CBD online and ship throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. CBD is also legal to sell and purchase in some countries in Europe.
CBD gummies that are sold online are "hemp-derived". Nowadays, the word "hemp" is easily interchangeable with the term cannabis. However, the term cannabis is also frequently used when discussing plant varieties capable of producing psychoactive THC such as marijuana.
Although hemp is commonly grown for fiber and seed, it has recently been applied to high-CBD/low-THC cannabis cultivars. Cannabis with less than 0.3 percent THC is considered hemp in the United States and this type of cannabis is used to make CBD products that are legally sold online.


CBD gummies are convenient to dose

When you inhale CBD through vaping or smoking, it is hard to figure out how much CBD you are having each time.
All Day Chill® contain 30 mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD per 1 gummy, which is significantly greater than the extra-strength versions most cannabis companies are selling. These yummy treats are definitely higher dosed over the standard gummies sold online and in-stores. That means more value for your money, and lesser calories for your body!
Our accurately dosed gummies also allow you to calculate how much CBD you've consumed and how much you need to take to achieve your desired results.


CBD gummies are discreet.

Some CBD products can be bulky or inconvenient to take when you're always on the go. Sometimes, tincture bottles can get cumbersome, and bringing out a vape pen to get your daily dose may not always be convenient. What's discouraging, you can't even pull it out when you're working - the one place where stress can be constant.
Those who require pain relief during a long flight or an increase in calm and focus during working hours will appreciate the ability to simply chew a CBD gummy or two and get back to work.
There is no need to ask for a vape or smoke break.  

CBD gummies are a reliable first aid.

CBD is being researched in a variety of ways by scientists and experts. Clinical trials have already shown that CBD-based prescription medications are effective in treating certain types of epilepsy.
However, you do not need to be suffering from a serious medical condition to benefit from CBD. All Day Chill® CBD gummies may also be beneficial supplements for those suffering from minor to moderate pain, acute symptoms, or even chronic inflammation.
After a mild injury, post workout muscle aches, or joint pain, many people take Advil or other anti-inflammatory medication.
CBD, on the other hand, has been found to be similarly effective compared to these over-the-counter drugs, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties, while avoiding some of the harsh side effects such as gastric irritations and liver damage.
Now, doesn't that sound like a major upgrade?




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