Is CBD the New Limitless Pill?

by Ryan McTeigue on December 08, 2021

There’s a point in your life, somewhere in the humdrum of juggling the workplace, home, your marginal social circle and keeping your sanity intact, you ask yourself this question: ‘What is keeping me from living the best version of my life?’ 

I mean, you’re pretty responsible, you’re careful not to ruffle too many feathers, give to charity once in a while. You are basically a decent human being. So what’s stopping you from being extraordinary? To go for the moon and feel the exhilaration of living your wildest dreams and look forward to each day with so much excitement and zest?

You may have a tirade of reasons… or justifications- duty, too many responsibilities, other people’s expectations, past trauma, not enough money, not enough self-esteem, a lack of motivation perhaps… the list goes on and on. I’m not here trying to validate or disprove those reasons. But if you’re interested in turning your life around by having a major shift on you approach in life, this may be the article you’re looking for.


The Top 3 Obstacles to Greatness


Lack of focus

Being unable to focus one’s efforts in completing a given project is a major obstacle to success. Modern technology enabled us to multitask, but also enticed us to fruitless distractions that divide our attention on a daily basis. Consequentially, we find ourselves struggling because we don’t have the necessary willpower and attention to follow through. Instead of committing to the completion of a specified task, we jump from one endeavor to another without having the satisfaction of carrying out a goal to its fullest potential.

Lack of Motivation

Isn’t the need for excellence the force that propels us to do better? Isn’t the desire to rise over mediocrity the core principle that drives us to push our limits and accomplish great things? Settling for what’s average is certainly a big factor that keeps us from surpassing our own limitations simply because it fails to give us the incentive to go beyond the ordinary. Let’s be clear, there’s nothing wrong with being mediocre. It’s really up to you if you prefer being the average Joe as long as you’re happy about it. However, if you’re someone who wants success and greatness, this is where we draw the line. Exceptional feats are not born out of settling for the ordinary.



Some people harbor a fear of failure to live up to their own goals or the expectations of loved ones. While others hold back from giving 100% because the thought of trying their best only to come up short in the end seems more heartbreaking. It’s a bit tricky because Fear is like a double-edged sword. It can be used as a motivating force, but it can also present as a formidable hindrance to success. So you have to ask yourself, do you make your fears work for you to build upon your stronger aspects and correct your weaknesses? Or are you someone who obsesses about future problems, which only discourage you, and breaks down your confidence in the end.



Living your Exceptional Life

Set your heart and keep your eyes on the prize. Always be clear on what you want done and once you have a strongly defined purpose, build your strategy around it. Constantly check yourself as you progress to ensure you are still headed towards the same goal.

Another key is to give everything you’ve got, ALL THE TIME. This is also what keeps your momentum going and you’ll be surprised how it will open doors for you along the way.  Give it your best shot and if you’re not getting the results you want-- don’t lower your expectations but raise your standards instead.

To conquer fear, you need to realize what exactly you’re afraid of. Once you unravel the big mystery that your mind had craftily fabricated, it will slowly fade into insignificance. Yes, you are not perfect, but that doesn’t mean you are unworthy. Remember that the fact you are born in this life means you have something valuable to offer the world.

If you want to Pump up your Motivation and Unlearn Fear, taking CBD Oil is a sure-fire way of activating molecular pathways and binding to various receptors, particularly dopamine D2 receptors to increase and strengthen your driving force. 

Cannabidiol, more popularly known as CBD, particularly targets the serotonin 1A receptors to diminish anxiety, combat depression, and relieve stress WITHOUT the “intoxicated” feeling of THC, the “addictive” effects of amphetamines, or the “crash” of caffeinated supplements.

It is the absolute nootropic agent because not only does it have neuroprotective properties, CBD oil is also proven to reverse particular memory deficits in test subjects.

I know you can ignite your dreams to live the extraordinary life you want and supplementing with CBD oil is a smart way to help you fulfill that vision. Obliterate your obstacles and continue on your path. As the popular saying goes, once you become fearless, life becomes limitless… 




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