CBD for Healthy and Radiant Acne-free Skin

by Michelle Thibault on September 19, 2022

For thousands of years, people have promoted beautiful, healthy skin by using natural remedies. From ancient beauty rituals to the most advanced cosmetic products currently in the market, the endeavor to integrate botanical extracts and natural ingredients is well-established. Cannabidiol (CBD), a substance derived from the cannabis plant, is one option that is becoming more and more popular.

There are tons of CBD products in the market, including oral supplements, skin softeners, topical pain relievers, and potential acne treatments. Continue reading for more details on CBD as a viable acne treatment option and how to choose high-quality products.


Prevents Acne Breakouts

The body's excessive production of sebum, a natural bodily oil created by the skin's glands, is one of the primary causes of acne. While sebum helps to keep the body hydrated, it can also clog the pores on your skin, which can result in acne breakouts. Acne is hindered by CBD's capacity to control the sebum production of these oil glands since CBD behaves as a highly effective sebostatic agent. And although the 2014 study used oral administration of CBD to exert its anti-acne properties, it also emphasized that besides the systemic application (oral route), one should keep in mind the effectiveness of topical administration.



Hydrates the Skin

In a 2021 study, a 1 percent CBD solution was applied daily to the skin of hairless mice for 14 days to examine the moisturizing effects of CBD on skin. When compared to the control group, the dermal water level of the mice given CBD treatment was considerably higher. Furthermore, no inflammatory reaction in the skin and no obvious skin disorders were observed.

Both the mRNA and protein levels of aquaporin-3 (AQP3), a member of the aquaporin family, were considerably greater in the CBD-treated group than in the control group. It has been discovered that CBD moisturizes the skin. Additionally, it's probable that the mechanism is aided by increased expression of AQP3, which is crucial for epidermal water retention.


Reference: https://europepmc.org/article/pmc/3396453


Related Literature:
Do you know that there are proteins in our skin that make it easier for water to cross cell membranes? They are called aquaporins (AQPs). Other epidermal proteins involved in maintaining water balance such as CD44, claudin-1, and filaggrin have a relationship with AQP3 expression.
Age and prolonged sun exposure have a significant impact on the development of AQP3 water channels, and a faulty osmotic equilibrium may develop in the epidermis. This would explain the skin dryness seen in older persons and in skin regions that are most exposed to the sun.


Pro Tip:
Start your day by taking 1 ml of your favorite Bliss Formula® CBD tincture to bullet-proof you from the usual everyday stresses and ensure a mindful relaxed productivity  throughout your day.
After your morning shower, apply a few drops of CBD oil on your fingertips and massage onto moist face and neck to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, and keep your face fresh and oil-free.
Bliss Formula® CBD  oil has 2 powerful ingredients:
CBD Isolate (Supercritical CO2 Extracted)- With proven anti-sebum, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects to prevent acne and other skin problems.


MCT oil- as a product of fractionated coconut oil with a longer shelf-life and better stability, it is:
✔️ Easily absorbed by the skin
✔️ Works as natural moisturizer.
✔️ Exhibits anti-microbial properties
✔️ Is a natural sunscreen.
✔️ Helps relieve skin inflammation.
✔️ As a natural balm for chapped lips.
Layer with your preferred moisturizer or sunblock for added hydration and protection! 





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