Bliss CBD for Optimal Brain Power

by Ryan McTeigue on September 11, 2019

Exhaustion or lack of energy and motivation is a problem for people who run their own businesses and in the workplace. Mental exhaustion precedes physical lethargy often resulting in reduced productivity, miscommunications and lack of focus. It can also make you short-tempered and negatively affect your work relationships. Mental fatigue is a red flag indicating that your Central Nervous System needs resetting and rejuvenation. This is where Bliss CBD oil comes in.

Fighting Fatigue with Bliss CBD

Fatigue is more than just feeling worn-out; it’s your body’s inability to keep up with daily errands leaving you drained to perform even the simplest of tasks. CBD has shown to be a highly effective sleeping aid. The more relevant question from hard-working employees and high-powered executives is: What about those who have to stay awake and alert?

Remarkably, clinical studies are now discovering that CBD works as a wake-promoting agent at small doses, and may also support individuals to fight fatigue and enhance mental acuity! This makes Bliss Focus a perfect product for those needing a fresh mind, body and emotions for work-related tasks.

Bliss CBD for Mental Performance

Current research shows how CBD molecules activate serotonin receptors in the brain’s terminal stria, which regulates the body’s response to stress; CBD also controls apprehension and nervousness by releasing anxiolytic effects when binding to CB1 receptors. With reduced levels of stress and anxiety, people taking Bliss CBD oil can now display balanced cognitive skills and improved productivity on a regular basis. From students burning the midnight oil to corporate execs and professional gamers- Bliss CBD Focus is the ideal supplement to keep you alert and sharp at all times!

Scientific experts also attest how CBD can replenish dopamine levels in the brain, which controls cognitive routes like recollection, motivation, and awareness. By attaching to specific cellular nerve endings, Bliss CBD oil activates natural dopamine production which in turn promotes exceptional task management and sharpened concentration. Bliss CBD doesn’t only keep you awake, with regular intake-- it even makes you smarter!

Bliss CBD oil can also help individuals who experience social awkwardness or those finding difficulty to interact with co-workers adding unnecessary stress to the work setting. It affects oxytocin levels, which in turn influences social behaviour. Researches on CBD have demonstrated considerable evidence as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders, including social anxiety disorder (SAD).

CBD as an Anandamide Reuptake Inhibitor

Clinical studies demonstrate that CBD in the brain impedes the reuptake and breakdown of Anandamide - a major cannabinoid that the human body produces and an is extremely powerful, THC-like chemical in the brain.

This increases endocannabinoid levels in the brain’s synapses producing neuroprotective action against seizures and other problems. More interestingly, Anandamide is hailed as the “bliss molecule,” suitably named after Ananda, the Sanskrit word for “joy, bliss, or happiness.” 

Which means…

Bliss CBD, by incidentally boosting Anandamide levels in the brain, helps us to sustain a sense of synergy within ourselves and with the environment enabling us to perform our best in flawless perpetuity.

1 ml of our Bliss CBD Focus gives you a potent 25 mg of cold, organic CO2 extracted CBD extract to aid in keeping you mentally sharp, motivated and inexhaustible. Come time to relax and unwind, 1 ml of our Bliss CBD Ritual helps you to chill out and enjoy your life outside of work for the entire day. Adding Bliss CBD into your day to day is one simple key to transforming your life to pure vitality, and is as simple as taking a daily dose of your Bliss CBD.


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