Bliss CBD Focus: Bringing your A-game round-the-clock

by Ryan McTeigue on September 09, 2019

Your Life Right Now

Finally, all your hard work is paying off. Your promotion is within a hand’s reach, you are satisfied with your workout progress to achieving a superhero bod, team mates are noticing those impressive dunks in the local basketball league plus your Supermodel-like girlfriend is bringing you over the long weekend to meet her family! Yay!!

Perhaps your life’s scenario is not exactly like that- but let’s just say…it’s resonating more or less to that level. Details aside, the world is at the palm of your hand and you are ready to take it! You are also well aware that making it this far can take its toll and the last thing you need- just when you are about to reap all the fruits of your labour – is to choke.

Nobody is invincible.

And being the Alpha go-getter that you are, you are still susceptible to stress, fatigue, and burning out. Months of taking longer hours in the office to get the work done, taking the extra time in the arena to master a move and still exceed expectations everywhere else in your life can be exhausting!

The next thing you know, your motivation starts to plummet, your mind can’t keep still enough to be productive, you feel more aches in your body and you just want to stay in bed and sleep for the rest of your life. Now that’s pretty gloomy - and you know you don’t deserve it.

How Bliss CBD Focus Gets you back on Track

So let’s re-trace your steps and recoup to that point before everything starts to unravel. That critical crux in your life where timelines diverge creating possible versions of the future YOU in this parallel multi-verse.

What could have been done differently so you wind up with a more agreeable ending? Say… land the CEO Job, have beautiful babies with the dream girl, earn the MVP spot and drive away with the Lamborghini. Hmmm, okay at least somewhere along those lines…

It can be just one simple solution to transform your life from dreary to dreamy. As simple as taking a daily dose of your Bliss CBD. 1 ml of our Bliss CBD Focus formula gives you a potent 25 mg of cold CO2 extracted CBD extract mixed in MCT oil to further increase its bioavailability. Considering that the body’s response may vary from one person to the other, the half life of CBD ranges from 18 to 32 hours which ensures that with just a single dose, its beneficial effects would last you a long way.

The Research

Bliss CBD Oil activates molecular pathways and binds to various receptors making this wonderful compound a “multi-target” supplement. Aside from Cannabidiol indirectly affecting cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, (which by the way explains its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects), CBD impacts different receptor-independent channels, either inhibiting or facilitating their actions.

Like the Serotonin system…

Yes, you remember right! Serotonin receptors are responsible for the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which gets elevated as a reaction to stress. CBD particularly targets the serotonin 1A receptors which offer relief to conditions such as anxiety, depression, and seasonal affective disorder MINUS the “intoxicated” feeling.

It also affects oxytocin levels which in turn influences social behavior.

And since the Serotonin pathway is also responsible for a person’s mood and cognition, count on Bliss CBD Focus to boost your mood, enhance concentration, and keep motivation levels up. From serious students trying to ace their exams to corporate power players and butt-kicking gamers- Bliss CBD Focus is the ideal supplement to keep you alert and sharp at all times.

Could Bliss CBD Focus Make You A Better Athlete?

Yes. Thanks to its effect on Capsaicin receptors-- CBD attaches to TRPV1 also known as capsaicin or vanilloid receptors expressed at high levels in just…wait, drumroll - the entirety of our whole Nervous System!

So if you’re prepping for a big Game Day…Bliss CBD effectively eliminates the “jitters” by modulating TRPV1 in the central nervous system, while TRPV1 in the peripheral nervous system acts a target for pain relief alleviating those bothersome aches and pains during rigorous training.

It’s no secret too that Professional players are finding that taking CBD oil not only helps to make them perform better, it also aids them to recover faster. As a result, CBD has become an essential health supplement for today’s athletes.

Professional or Amateur- if you engage in any type of sports, you are no stranger to pain. As an athlete in your own right, your job is to push yourself into peak performance. The constant physical requirement, crazy regimens and high exposure to injuries make Bliss CBD Focus a vital tool to achieve optimum performance and to accelerate recovery time. And when you start comparing it to steroids and opioid use, CBD oil presents the healthier alternative with zero risk of addiction or organ damage.

You know by now this is a no-brainer!


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