Activating your ‘Happy’ Molecules (part 1)

by Ryan McTeigue on September 01, 2019

Dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are major compounds produced by the body to give us a feeling of fulfillment, well-being and sense of belonging. In other words, these are our ‘Happy’ chemicals which can be triggered by positive events in our lives, nourishing relationships and rewarding experiences.

Since we are social beings interacting with other members inside different circles in a complex environment of ever-fluctuating components, we cannot always control what happens in our everyday life.

However, it is within our power to take the driver’s seat in triggering the flow of these ‘delightful’ neuropeptides to keep us in high spirits no matter what life serves up. So, how do we actually hack our very own, personal, fountain of joy?

While motivation, yoga, self-development programs and specific supplements that target the individual release of these chemicals certainly help, Bliss CBD is a sure-fire route of eliciting all three compounds in a single dose. And then some.

This is not hearsay, this is not some kind of hype. Numerous researches have proven it. And privy consumers are following suit.

Dopamine and CBD

Dopamine spurs us to have desires, make goals, and aim above our basic needs. It is also responsible for that surge of rewarding pleasure once we achieve what we wanted. Relatively, Prof. John Salamone, also links procrastination, insecurity, and lack of interest with low levels of dopamine. His experiments showed lab rats with low levels of dopamine always opted for an easy option and less food; those with higher levels utilised more effort to receive twice the amount of food.

Bliss CBD influences the dopaminergic pathway of reward and motivation by acting as a partial agonist to dopamine D2 receptors. Another study further explores that by activating D2 dopamine receptor-expressing neurons in the nucleus accumbens, it increases the motivational drive of both control animals and subjects that presents anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure) and motivational deficits.

Another study explains that the rewarding effect of substances of abuse is thought to be primarily mediated by the mesolimbic DA pathway, originating from dopaminergic cell bodies in the ventral midbrain- this pathway plays a key function in reward assessment, anticipation, and valuation, making it a critical component underlying substance use and addiction.

Administration of CBD has demonstrated to regulate mesolimbic DA activity and potentially diminish substance-induced dysregulation of the mesolimbic system suggesting Bliss CBD’s usefulness in reducing the cravings towards addictive substances.

A daily dose of Bliss CBD allows you to augment the dopaminergic neuro-circuitry and increase future motivation and productivity.

By sustaining high levels of Dopamine, you feel motivated and the novelty of target-setting and achievement doesn’t wear off. Regardless of the progress you are making, working for what you want serves as a reward in itself, and the cycle repeats once you achieve your goals.


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